Digital Talent for businesses

In little more than a year, companies had to evolve at such an accelerated pace that not even the most visionary and optimistic Silicon Valley consultant would have foreseen that by 2021 the transition of organizations towards the search for digital talent would be as common as it is now.

This massive shift of businesses and institutions towards a digital model of relationships, transactions and investments, unleashed in the world the real epidemic that every leader must take into account: the valuation of Digital Talent as a fundamental pillar of the strategies of most companies globally.

But what is Digital Talent? Digital Talent is the ability of a professional to offer their services in an innovative, agile and adaptable way to new technologies, digital processes and tools that govern their field of action in the face of the demands of a cutting-edge market.

What makes up the most sought-after Digital Talent in today’s world?

According to Autónoma de Madrid university, the most desired Digital Talent between now and the next few years will be made up of a mix of hard skills (58.3%) and soft skills (41.7%), the most important being the following:

Hard Skills:

  1. Developments in NET and/or Java EE Platforms.
  2. Deployment and operation of software in the cloud.
  3. Front-end web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript…
  4. Microservices and server-less architectures.
  5. Back End web development (PHP, JSP, ASP, HTML…).
  6. Database design and implementation.
  7. IT project management and planning.
  8. Data science: analysis of large volumes of information.
  9. Data engineering: software platforms with volumes of information.
  10. Testing techniques and test-driven development.

Soft Skills:

  1. Adaptation to change and new situations: flexibility.
  2. Analytical capacity.
  3. Capacity for cooperation and teamwork.
  4. Search for excellence and continuous improvement.
  5. Results oriented.
  6. Responsible and sense of duty; critical thinking.
  7. Customer oriented.
  8. Oral and written communication skills.
  9. Capacity for self-organization.
  10. Proficiency in languages.

The main trends in digital strategy for companies

According to Gartner, a leading research and advisory company for companies in technology and innovation, the trends in Digital Talent for 2021 can be divided into three main thematic axes:

  • People-centricity: people will continue to be at the center of all businesses and will need digitized processes to function in today’s environment.
  • Location independence: location independence requires technological change to support this new version of business moving away from face-to-face and moving to personal environments.
  • Resilient delivery: Organizations that are prepared to pivot and adapt will withstand any disruptions that carry over this year from the complications caused by the pandemic in the previous year.

In this way, you should take into account not only the preparation or training of the people who make up work teams, but also where the market is heading and what common demands it brings with it in 2021 so that you can make the best decisions regarding Digital Talent in your business.

How Change Americas can optimize your Digital Talent strategy?

From the current state of your organization in terms of opportunities and risks to action plans to attract and enhance the Digital Talent that today’s world is demanding, Change Americas has personalized advice for your business to be at the forefront in the 4.0 market.

Below we share a Webinar about the new human talent management and how the digital era can transform the culture of your organization.

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