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We are an ecosystem of business solutions and a certifying entity that integrates behavioral sciences with technological developments, to empower organizations and their most important capital: human talent, making the impossible possible.

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 Write the future of your company today with our solutions. We design transformative experiences based on awareness and ownership, with highly predictive and analytical technology, for decision making and organizational problem solving.

Organizational Agility

Get ahead of the challenges of your business environment and quickly recognize opportunities and risks to turn them into innovative initiatives that are developed with speed, simplicity and effectiveness.

Technology Learning

Meet business challenges with strategies to develop a learning culture that impacts your company's knowledge management. We develop e-learning platforms and virtual learning and productivity solutions.

 EXO Revenue

(Marketing – Sales and CX)

Challenge the capabilities of your revenue-generating team and ensure your company's exponential growth with our Exo Revenue methodology, which integrates best practices and tools in customer experience and service, marketing, automation, growth mindset, corporate strategy and sales.

Change Management 

Successfully implement transformation processes in your company with assimilation and acceptance strategies associated with: Restructuring and downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, new technologies, junctures or changes in the business model.

Cultural Transformation

Evolve and develop new work formulas from the culture that drive the sustainable success of your company in its competitive environment.

Leadership Management 

Develop the skills and abilities of your organization's leaders with our proven 6-ring leadership model.

Team Building Solution

We design team building strategies focused on improving productivity, contributing to the achievement of corporate objectives from the personal and professional development of human talent.

Talent Management

We develop and implement strategies for the structuring and competencies of human talent, with models of compensation, work environment, performance, career plan and organizational architecture that generate internal equity and the retention of the best talent in your company.

Each one of our International Certifications has an international seal that endorses the Change Americas methodology, some of these are emitted by: Human Resources Certification Institute and Silicon Valley Innovation Center.

International  Certification in People Analytics Leader

It will allow you to learn a methodology to implement in data analytics projects to obtain valuable evidence to make strategic organizational decisions and implement practices, initiatives, programs and processes of greater impact in Human Resources.

International Certification in Organizational Agility

It is designed as a highly practical training experience in the Change Americas Organizational Agility model to learn knowledge, tools and best practices that drive the agile mindset and ways of working.

International Certification in Cultural Transformation

It will allow you to transform the culture of any organization. Our methodology applies accelerators to facilitate the achievement of the business strategy, increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of the organization.

International Certification in Agile Change Management

It will allow you to appropriate a methodology that allows you to integrate the fundamentals of your personal and organizational change with the principles and best practices of agile in concrete projects and/or in a transversal way in the organization

International Certification in Exponential Revenue Growth

It will allow to design and manage exponential revenue generation strategies in response to current and future business needs, through the magic formula: Channels/Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience and Automation.

International Certification in Organizational Development

It will allow you to have a global vision of the Organizational Development environment so that you can use the most powerful models and tools to build a coherent strategy to the reality and needs of your organization.

The software for the human resources area that breaks paradigms

We transform, analyze, monitor and elevate the capabilities of Human Talent with predictive and flexible HR Suite technology in more than 12 modules: Attraction and Selection, Performance and Development, Document Management, Culture and Work Climate Management, Compensation, Benefits and Recognition, People Analytics, Employee Experience and Organizational Structure.

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Change Americas' HR Suite closer to expanding to new markets with the acquisition of WTalent


Jun 24, 2022


Digital Talent for businesses

In little more than a year, companies had to evolve at such an accelerated pace that not even the most visionary and optimistic Silicon Valley consultant would have foreseen that by 2021 the transition of organizations towards the search for digital talent would be as common as it is now.

Jun 30, 2022

Henkel Colombia increases customer loyalty with Change Americas

One of the largest and most recognized manufacturing companies: Henkel, a company of German origin that operates worldwide with innovations, brands and leading technologies in three business areas: adhesive technologies, cosmetics, detergents and home care, faces a new challenge in Colombia...


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